Herb base is the starting point of quality control. Since start of operating in 1985, Deltas Pharma has been actively engaged in controlling raw materials quality under national and international regulatory compliance.

For cultivated herbs, Deltas Pharma has been devoted to establishing gap bases around india by contracted cultivation. For wild-crafted plants, Deltas Pharma selects best sources according to the characteristic property of each herb, collects and harvests at the best season so to remain the prime of bio-activity.

With high respect of nature protection, our proper harvest quantity in each source protects a sustainable prosperity of crop. The wild herb harvest practices are according to the apeda guidelines and comply with NPOP, India and EEC Organic: Regulation (EEC) 2092/91. We are certified by usoca for collection and processing of 100% organic herbs’ produce.

Our vast experience in indian plants procurement and the quality ensures our client an appropriate raw material sourcing. The qa/qc department is working on well established and validated sops for quality control and assurance. We maintain our haccp and update them timely in order to adhere EU-GMP+ certification.

Deltas Pharma firmly believe that the key to stay ahead in competition is quality and the product will rule the market only when it conforms to the quality requirement of the customers first time and every time, meeting international standards. Deltas Pharma understand that quality gyrates around customer satisfaction and essence of business is to create customers and profits will follow.


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