Deltas pharma  is a marketing-led phyto-pharmaceutical and consumer health company. The company markets its products in more than 15 states across india. Deltas Pharma is expanding its market in gcc and europe. It has operational base india.

Deltas Pharma sells prescription ayurvedic products, non-prescription otc products, herbal cosmetics, herbal veterinary products, organic agricultural products and a wide range of herbal extracts. Deltas Pharma outsources the manufacturing and product development services to reliable sources. We constantly focus on marketing 100% organic products with quality manufacturing plants.

Company’s policy is to develop product, where appropriate, by product line extensions which will lead to cost effective and low risk organic growth. Our product development plan is backed by experts in clinical and pharmaceutical field.

Deltas Pharma currently markets ethical products which address indications in focus therapeutic areas of joint pain & musculosceletal, glucose control, chronic respiratory ailments, weight management, gynaecological ailments, immunity boosters, skincare, nutritional supplements, mental wellbeing etc.
Direct understanding of the consumer needs and sourcing the development accurate products, have been the sop of our otc/consumer health team. The entire marketing thus appropriately comprises retail as well as direct selling routes.

Demand for quality organic herbal products has grown dramatically over the past few years and this demand will continue to accelerate in the future. In order to meet this demand, the company is constantly developing new products and creating new distribution channels, which include retail outlets and the internet.

“Our vision is to become a successful and growing, marketing led ethical provider of innovative herbal products, herbal veterinary products and organic agricultural products to targeted international and niche markets.

“Team work is our strength and will be empowered to meet our customers’ needs and expectations”

Shri Suresh B. Jain
Managing Director